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“Independence Day: Resurgence” Bombed this Weekend

“Independence Day: Resurgence” opened with $41.6 million this weekend, while it cost $165 million to produce. Its worldwide take was $101.5 million. Meanwhile, “Finding Dory” took in $73.2 million running in its second week.   1.  “Finding Dory”, $73.2 million.  Up to $286.6 million in its 2nd week. 2.  NEW:  “Independence Day: Resurgence”, $41.6 million. 3.  “Central…MORE

Page Proof: Marry My Son!

Don’t we all just love our parents? 48-year old Baron Brooks of Salt Lake City has mixed views after what his dad just recently did. Baron’s father, Arthur Brooks, recently bought a full page ad in a North Idaho newspaper, secretly, looking for a wife for his son Baron! Embarrassing? Just a tad. The ad…MORE

Are you ready to cheese it up with Burger King?

Sweet dreams are made of…cheese? This happens to be the case for Burger King! Burger King seems to be following in the footsteps of Taco Bell, and many other fast food restaurants with their eccentric chip incorporation by introducing a new snack: Jumbo Cheetoh chips filled with Mac & Cheese! That’s right this unlikely combination…MORE

Ever find a Cheeto Accidentally Shaped Like Something? You Can Win CASH!

We’ve all heard the stories: a potato chip shaped like a state, Jesus’s mugshot burnt onto a piece of toast, Kate Middleton on a jellybean (true story). Now you have the opportunity to turn your strange finds into cold, hard cash! Cheetos is inviting fans to upload pictures of their finds to the Cheeto Museum website,…MORE

Darth Vader is Back!?

Could this be true or is “Entertainment Weekly” trying to pull a Jedi mind trick on us? According to their newest cover, the infamous Darth Vader will be featured in Star Wars: Rogue One. Though, this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise since it was confirmed this stand-alone film will take place some time…MORE

Orlando: How can I help?

Orlando: How can I help?

(OrlandoSentinal) Overwhelmed by people wanting to donate blood to victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting, OneBlood asked donors to stop coming Sunday and schedule appointments over the next few days.MORE

Rainbow Grilled Cheese!?!

Rainbow Grilled Cheese!?!

Have you heard or even seen this trend? Kala Toast in Hong Kong created this magical sandwich and it has finally made it to the US. POPSUGAR tried their hand at recreating the colorful food item, and we want to know what you think! Tweet us (@Q1061) your thoughts or pictures if you’ve tried the…MORE