Summer Party Secrets Revealed: You May Need to Sit Down for This

With a holiday weekend just about to kick-off, many of us are getting ready to have friends and family over for BBQ’s and pool parties. But your family and friends are harboring a secret that will disgust you.

According to a recent study by Boxed Wholesale, an app that delivers your favorite bulk items to your front door, these following habits may make an appearance this weekend.

  1. 1 in 4 people have admitted to double dipping.
  2. 40% admitted to wiping their hands on the closest thing if they don’t have a napkin.
  3. 21% admitted to leaving their spilled drink on the floor.
  4. 28% admitted to drinking from a cup if they weren’t positive it was their own.
  5. 7% will eat food off the floor/ground.

Don’t worry, there is a silver lining! 97% of those surveyed would stay to help clean and a majority admitted to always bringing a gift for the host!

So maybe this year bulk up on napkins and always keep spoons in the dip? Just a suggestion.

Source: PR Newswire